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Here at Commercial Financing, we have helped save entrepreneurs from going out of business.  We toil to make dreams come through instead of dying on the vine from a lack of funding.  We believe our mission is to guide every entrepreneur to the right funding partner so that they will have a fighting chance to step onto a bigger stage. Our goal is to provide the best funding partners for businesses that need time to grow or solve a short-term financial issue, until they get to the point where even a traditional bank will consider them a good risk.


The core lending range we work with is from: $50k - $500M+  

Loan Terms: 1 -15 years, but you can negotiate longer periods.


Private investors and banking institutions are the two main sources for Commercial Loans. These loans are not backed or guaranteed by any governmental agency, so lenders stand to lose a lot if a loan goes bad. Therefore, the most careful scrutiny is given when a loan application is submitted.  To get a commercial loan is a challenge but with a feasible business proposal, these loans are made every day.


Below is a brief overview of Commercial Loans.

●Commercial loans are loans advanced to a business instead of a consumer. They are very different from loans extended to individuals to buy residences which includes up to a four apartment building.  These are residential loans.  Apartment buildings with five or more units are classified as commercial and therefore are treated as a commercial entity.

●Commercial loans can be for a short-term: from 30 days to one year and long-term: 2 - 20 years and sometime longer depending on where the funding is obtained.   

● Commercial loans are usually secured (backed by a collateral) or can be unsecured but rarely.   

●Funding can be used for buying buildings, on-going businesses and for financing equipment, machinery, or inventory.  


 Private Commercial Lending Practices

●The application process and paperwork required are shorter and less time consuming.

●Private investors require mostly the same information as a bank but allow more flexibility.

●Interest rates are usually higher than a bank, unless the risk is so miniscule that a major loss in not a concern. 

●Loans are usually up to a 5-year term but can be negotiated for a longer term.

●Usually you can get an initial response to your loan request with 7 business days or less

●If the application is approved and all required documents are submitted, funds get issued in a matter of days.


Institution/Bank Commercial Lending Practices

●Applications are usually reviewed by both a Loan Committee and then by a Credit Committee.  If approved by the first committee, the second one has the power to still deny funding.

●Banks usually require the commercial borrowers to submit monthly and annual financial statements through the financing period.

●Banks can call a loan due before the expiration date.  If a business-owner is unable to secure alternate financing; foreclosure could be the next step by the bank.

●Interest rates are generally lower but not always - available if assessed as a “good risk”.


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