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Commercial Financing Resources' partners have over 100 years combined of experience in financial services and private commercial lending practices.  Private commercial lending has being around for a longtime but in the wake of the recent financial tightening in the real estate market, private commercial lending has stepped up its funding to assist and save a multitude of businesses from closing their doors.


The professionals who will be crafting your Loan Request for the most optimal response have done this over and over for countless businesses.  Give us the facts and we'll let them work for you.




Actual Case Study Histories


Case Study 4: A former Wall Street banker got a great deal on a hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada and called us to raise the $1,000,000,000 ($1B) he needed for the acquisition.  We asked for proof of the value and received a recent bank appraisal valuing it at almost $3,000,0000,000 ($3B). In three (3) days we raised the funding: a private investor put up $200,000,000 and a banking institution put up the balance of $800,000,000. The funders were excited to get the deal done - wish we could say the same for our client.


Case Study 3: A manufacturing company came to us with a purchase order of 1 million  units of their product. If they are able to fulfill the order, they will then go under contract  to produce 3 million units per year with a 40% growth every two years. We checked them out, and everything looked perfect. We raised the capital, and currently they are building their second factory to keep up with the manufacturing needs of their clients.


Case Study 2: A small business owner came to us with an incredible plan. They  had already proven their concept to the market, but needed to raise some serious capital to grow at a rate far faster than they expected. After we analyzed their plan, and were able to verify their track record, we were able to raise well over $12,000,000 to get them properly funded and into full operation. Since then, we have helped them on two more occasions and they are one of the fastest growing businesses out there.


Case Study 1: A gaming company had a purchase order for placement of 2000 machines and needed assistance during pre-production. We were able to finance  the production and get the contracts completed. Since then, they have produced well over 30,000 units and continue a consistent growth. If they were not able to complete the first contract, they may not be in business today.






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When your business urgently needs funding, that's not the time for surprises. Rely on our network of reliable private investors & traditional lenders who won't overburden you with mountains of paperwork without any guarantee of you ever getting the funds your business needs. Give us the facts and you’ll get sound financial assessment that won't leave you scratching your head. We'll explain your options in uncomplicated terms. Learn more.  Call or email us.


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