Frequently Asked Questions


What preliminary info is needed on the business/property that I want to finance?

1. Current Net Operating Income (NOI)

2. A Pro Forma NOI (a realistic projection of future income)

3. The Current Debt Structure (the priority of debts and the remaining

     principal balances – if seller financing is offered or have Assumable Loans)

4. Sources & Uses of Funds – where will the funds come from for the

    proposed acquisition and how will those funds be used.

5. Current Occupancy Level of property

6. Collateral(s) or funds have as a contribution from buyer’s resources

7. Exit Strategy – a PLAN for how the funds will be repaid and when


If I get an initial approval, what other documents do I need to provide to complete the funding?

  • Executive Summary
  • Business Plan
  • Current Business Financial Statement
  • Client proof of funds: Funds present in banks and funds already invested in your company
  • If a US company, past two years income tax returns
  • Current corporate inventory and purchase order contracts
  • Company’s aged accounts receivables
  • Income statement and balance sheet
  • Any current real estate holdings
  • Current profit and loss
  • Current accounts payables


What if I don’t have all the information listed above?

Please contact us to see if we are still able to assist you and help you gather the information needed.


●Don’t hesitate to talk with us about unusual financing situations because you can get flexibility with private financing versus conventional lending practices.


Can I be a start up?

Unfortunately we are unable to help  you at this time, as our lenders are only funding established businesses.


What are your funding guidelines?

We fund amounts primarily between: $50,000 - $10,000,000,000 but occasionally will do funding belows minimums depending on the business/project in question.  Each exception is evaluated on a case by case basis.


How soon will the funds be available if I provide all the information you requested in a timely manner? 

Depending on the type and loan amount, fundin can be done in as little as 30 days and in some cases will take up to 6 months. 


What fees and charges must I pay upfront to get my funding request started?

None.  If our partners can’t provide funding, you won’t be charged a penny. However, some will asked for a fee after they have made a commitment to provide funding.  Its takes time and work to evaluate your application but they want to be sure, additional work that must be done, won't be wasted because a borrower decides to do something else after they have put in all the time and work to process a loan. Other partners will write-off the costs to get reports, time spent and work done as loss. 


Which countries do you lend in?

We fund businesses/projects anywhere in the USA and its territories, Canada and in other foreign countries. We provide funding only in countries that have stable governments, laws that respect the rights of businesses and are not hostile to the USA.


What are Commercial Financing Resources' Business Hours?

Monday - Friday: 7:30am - 7:30pm   Eastern Time Zone (USA)

Saturday: 8:30am - 4pm    Eastern Time Zone (USA)


What about my privacy?

We’ll never release any information on either current or previous clients. 





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