Get up to $500 Million for your     Oil and Gas Ventures!

Commercial Financing Resources can assist you in seeking out and securing the funding you need to commence a profitable and successful Oil & Gas operation, expand your existing production and capacity, as well as introduce you to our financing sources that can provide the seed funding in a joint-venture co-operation, if owing millions of dollars won't let you sleep peacefully at nights.


The starting point in working with Commercial Financing Resources to secure financing is to provide us with an Executive Summary which should include:


  • Executive Overview/Summary; should not exceed 5 pages. Be concise.
  • State the reason for the funding request at the beginning of the summary.
  • State what the total project costs are for all phases. 
  • Include the amount of funds requested (in U.S. Dollars).
  • Include the clear purpose for the Use of Funds.
  • Clearly state the length of time the funds are needed and repayment strategy.
  • State the amount of money you or your organization is investing in the project.
  • List the type and amount of collateral being offered.
  • Provide a 5-year projected financial pro forma (just Sales, Expenses; Net Operating Income)
  • State the qualifications and experience of the Principals.


We have funding for Oil & Gas Drilling operations that have:


1.  producing wells and are seeking to expand their drilling footprint

2.  land and have preliminary findings of potential energy underground

3.  Bought leases and have the going through the initial phases to confirm the possibilities of bankable oil &

     gas reserves

4.  have established through seismic and geological surveys a high probability of substantial oil & gas


5.  fields with proven reserves certified through a qualified engineer or geoscientist but need funding to

     extract the resources

6.  owners or leaseholders who prefer a joint-venture arrangement instead of taking on huge debts



If you have invested the funds to acquire a 43-101 Report which covers the geological and feasible factors of your proposed operation, then most of the times, funding becomes a formality when you have strong evidence in hand.


The NI 43-101 Report contains these elements:


  • Executive Summary - A summary of the entire report from a high level, including an overview of each section without as much analytical detail.
  • Introduction - The purpose, source of information, qualified persons, terms of reference, units of measure and other related information.
  • Property Description - The location, legal agreements, environmental liability and operational permits for the mineral property.
  • Exploration & Drilling - Data from rock samples, surface geochemistry, geophysical surveys, and other reports, as well as drilling procedures and results.
  • Sample Preparation & Analysis - Review of drilling campaigns, sample chains of custody, preparation and assay procedures, and the actual sampling study results.
  • Mineral Resource & Reserve Estimates - Grade estimates, resource optimization, mineral resource classifications, and other data.
  • Market Studies & Economic Analysis - Data that supports the economic feasibility of the development and production of mining, including any relevant models.
  • Conclusions & Recommendations - Overview of the data and conclusions that can be made from it, along with a recommendation of how to proceed.



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